Chez Quartier

We fell instantly in love with Chez Quartier, as soon as we entered we knew we had stumbled across our new favourite. This quaint, eclectic, cozy café is the perfect remedy to winters cold days, cozy corners, bright walls (and roof), and delicious treats. I can honestly say, in my opinion this little café has … Continue reading

Cottage Café

When I first stumbled across the Cottage Café, I knew instantly it would become a favourite. The décor is cosy and comfortable, you sit surrounded by books, games, globes and teapots. Their menu selection is overwhelming… Too many amazing choices. Their breakfast options are fresh and delicious including Bircher Muesli and fresh bread served with … Continue reading


Remor is fast becoming my favourite place to just sit, have a drink and watch the world and being situated on a busy street, it is the perfect place for people watching. In the summer the sidewalk is littered with seats but in the winter the warm glow of gold and timber chairs calls you … Continue reading

Chocolaterie Auer

There’s something about Auer… Each time I am in and around Rue de Rive, I can’t help but admire the delicious window displays, maybe pop in for coffee and a macaroon in the cosy café and without fail I have introduced all my visitors to date to Auer for all their chocolate supplies. I have … Continue reading


Great coffee… Check! Delicious food… Check! Fabulous décor… Check! One of my all time favourite haunts, due to its fabulous décor and mouth wateringly delicious menus (and cakes), it’s hard not to fall instantly in love with OU BIEN From the eclectic mix of art on the wall, to the delicious selection of food and … Continue reading

Salam be Lafa – La Galette de la Paix

One of the highlights of my weekends is to wander through the food markets in either Carouge or Plain Palais, taking in the delicious smells and fabulous variety of produce (and spending a small fortune on brunch, afternoon tea or some other between meals excuse to eat). Having learnt the hard way, shopping on an … Continue reading


Finally our search is over! Let us take you back one year… Having just spent another glorious Geneva summer day down by the lake, our thoughts suddenly went to food “you know the one thing I have really missed since arriving in Geneva? Frozen Yoghurt, but good frozen yoghurt where you mix in the fruit”. … Continue reading