About us

Geneva, a hive of hidden treasures.

On first impressions, it’s cooly calm and presents a city of watches, bankers and immense wealth. But it’s only when you delve a little deeper, and step away from the fondue restaurants and stores selling Saint Bernard backpacks, that you find a place bursting with great finds and hidden gems.

But with all fabulous finds in any city, you need to know where to look. It might be from a tourist guide, by office word of mouth, from a friend or a local.
Dear Geneva aims to be a combination of these and arm you with an arsenal of spots to seek out and activities to undertake.
Places where you can spend a few hours on a sunny Sunday, spots to linger over a local wine and slice (or three) of cheese, and places to eat where the owner will remember you the next time you visit, and send you away with your jeans feeling a little tighter.
And so, after swatting away our first impressions, we’ve come to find it a creative, fun and culturally eclectic city.  We love sharing our favourite haunts and finds with you, and aim to become your ‘go to guide’ for all things Geneva.
If you’ve any questions or suggestions, please get in touch. We know that coming here can be a little lonely at first, but stick with us, and we’ll cheer you right up.

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