Le Verre à Monique

Le Verre à Monique has come out of my dreams and into my neighbourhood.

This chic Art Deco cocktail bar is… Fabulous!! It’s the little details that make Le Verre à Monique so special, stunning mirrors, traditional glassware, crystal and be sure to check out the walls.

With a fabulous selection of cocktails (traditional, sweet, dry, fruity) you’ll be able to find something to suit your mood (my personal favourites are the Lychee and Rose Martini for a little something sweet, or the Martinez for some traditional 1920’s glamour, the Olive Gin Fizz is also delicious and… oh they are all good!).

The staff are wonderful and are more then happy to help guide you by taste should you succumb to selection anxiety (maybe it’s just me, but I can take forever to choose… One of each?).

It’s safe to say, I will be frequenting this little gem more times then I care to admit to… See you there!!!

Le Verre à Monique will be having an official opening on Thursday, September 13th (Nuit des Bains), we will post more details as it gets closer!

Where: Rue des Savoises 19
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 17h30 – Late / Closed Sunday and Monday


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