Dear Geneva Coffee Guide

Coffee, long considered a morning must, a post lunch pep and an after dinner delight. It seems not a meal goes by without feeling the need to finish with a coffee.

We have complied a list of our 10 favourite spots for a caffeine fix categorized by desire.

Desire: Espresso based deliciousness

Boreal –As far as I am concerned this is the only place to go for espresso based coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, mochaccinos… Boreal have perfected the art of coffee (both making and roasting). Two locations in Geneva, Mont Blanc (perfect for a coffee on the go or a quick coffee in the sun) and Stand (sit relax and enjoy your coffee on one of their couches or outdoor terrace).
Address: Rue du Stand, 60 and Rue du Mont-Blanc, 15

Desire: Coffee and sweet treats

Auer – I can’t resist a sneaky chocolate whilst I’m here… so if you lack will power, be careful.
Address: Rue du Rive, 4

Chez Quartier – A Sunday favourite, but once again if you lack will power beware! Chez Quartier has an amazing selection of treats to accompany your coffee.
Address: Rue Voltaire, 24

Desire: Coffee and books

Les Recyclables – Second hand books and coffee.
Address: Rue de Carouge, 53

Café Livresse – Cat lovers rejoice, this sweet café has cat paraphernalia hidden amongst the books (check out their post cards) and it serves its coffee in fabulous slate mugs.
Address: Rue Vignier, 5

Desire: Somewhere special

La Vouivre – Eclectic and fabulous. Chandeliers, mismatching cups and saucers, coffee grinders on tables, each time I go I find something new hiding amongst the treasures. Grab a spot out side and make the most of the mid-morning sun.
Address: Rue des Pâquis, 21

Café Leo – Quintessentially French, this little café is located in Rive (near the roundabout and the TPG office).
Address: Rond-Point de Rive, 9

Cottage Café – Mentioned before here… What more can I say other then this place is super cute!
Address: Rue Adhémar-Fabri, 7

Desire: People watching

Café Rond Point – Watch the world go by whilst enjoying the smooth tunes of Radio Swiss Jazz…
Address: Rond-Point de Plainpalais, 2

Desire: Afternoon sunny spot

Café de la Presse – My local, and a great spot to catch the afternoon sun.
Address: Boulevard Saint Georges, 62-64

Please feel free to share your favourite coffee spot!

5 Responses to “Dear Geneva Coffee Guide”
  1. Stephanie P. says:

    I would love to know which coffee spot is best to bring your wee ones. Any suggestionsÉ

    • Dear Geneva says:

      Hi Stephanie,
      Cottage cafe is situated by the lake and surrounded by a small fenced grass area, in the summer there are chairs set up outside so you can enjoy your coffee whilst the kids play outside. Chez Quartier is another good option, grab the carousel in the front window, plenty of delicious options for a bite to eat that I am sure the kids will love. There is also a sweet (literally) little place in Carouge called “Cupcakes in the City”, cute decor and a sweet little terrace in the sun. In Parc Bastions, there is a vendor selling take-away coffee, that way you can enjoy the Park surrounds and a coffee, Bains des Paquis, grab a coffee and go for a quick dip in the lake or feed the birds… I hope that helps. Should I hear of anything else, I will certainly let you know.

  2. cathyc says:

    I agree about Boreal, but as a tea drinker, I was mystified by their recent decision to stop selling their one plain black tea. Why have one hundred and twenty eight flavoured teas and not one plain tea? This happened to me in Australia once at my local French coffee shop and I had enough clout for them to bring back plain tea – albeit under the counter.

    I did write to Boreal and complain, their polite response was that they might stock it again next winter. I didn’t really know what to do next but reply that okay, I might start coming back again next winter. I was super disappointed as it was the closest thing I’d found to a place one could hang out in, in a way I am used to thinking coffee shops are….Still, I’m saving lots of money.

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