Streets of your Town

Wandering, long considered one of my favourite pass times, I love nothing more then landing in a new city and getting lost. Taking meandering paths and quiet streets, this exploration tends to lead to some fabulous finds and spots only frequented by locals and those in the know.

I’ve been living in Geneva for almost 2 years now and whilst it may be small, there is still so much I am yet to explore but one thing I know and has remained unchanged from the moment I found it… my favourite street.

Just of Rue Rousseau I wandered passed numerous times before I finally stayed true to my travel golden rule… “Always look up”. It was then I discovered Rue Lissignol. This street couldn’t get any cuter if it tried, street side seating, bike parking, hopscotch and outdoor dining, not to mention the fabulous building on the corner. In a city where each building must conform to strict communal rules, one building has branched out and painted their shutters all the colours of the rainbow (and keep an eye out for Spider Man).

Upon further research, I have found this street has a rich history and an amazing story of how it came to be. Originally a road for short cutting motorists, Rue Lissignol had a thriving underground scene and a community stronger and more committed then expected. The residents of Rue Lissignol have fought hard over the years to keep the street charm, cars off their road and their homes. For more a more detailed history lesson and more information check click here (website in french).

It’s finds like this that make me fall deeper in love with Geneva, it’s these small creative expressions and quaint streets that make it so special.

** Photos taken by my dear friend AJ (edited by us), thank you AJ for an amazing week and for giving us another excuse to explore this fabulous city of ours.

One Response to “Streets of your Town”
  1. Keith says:

    This is also one of my favourite streets; ever since I saw a giant cat on it!

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