Ô Calme

With my friend visiting from Australia, I’m loving playing tour guide, dreaming of our next lunch destination, where to take coffee to escape the cold, somewhere new for an afternoon wine, bypassing the busy streets in search for something a little quieter.

During day two of our food focused tour of Geneva (I can see this becoming a week long food adventure) we headed to Carouge for a morning of aimless wandering and imaginary pastry binges. With the weather bearing down and hunger kicking in I immediately knew our lunch time destination… Ô Calme.

Upon entering you could be easily mistaken in believing you have entered someone’s home, walking directly into the kitchen (and head long into the delicious smells of baked goods greeting you on entry). Go past the kitchen and into the “living room” where book lined walls and cosy nooks await (in the Summer there is a beautiful terrace).

In the name of “Dear Geneva” research (nothing to do with the fact we lack willpower and couldn’t resist the smells from the kitchen) we ordered lunch, and let me say it didn’t disappoint, delicious fresh quiche and a warm goats cheese salad, perfect comfort food for the drizzly weather outside.

Ô Calme is open all weekend (that’s right, Sunday as well!!!) and serve a mean brunch, but it’s best to get in early as this hotspot is mighty popular during the weekend and they don’t take reservations.

Address: Rue Ancienne, 36, Carouge
Telephone: +41 (0)22 301 22 20
Hours: Tuesday 10h00 – 16h00 /  Wednesday –  Sunday 10h00 – 18h00 (Brunch served on weekend but turn up early as they do not take reservations)

Website: http: www.ocalme.com

4 Responses to “Ô Calme”
  1. cathyc says:

    I cannot comment on the lunch fare, but the weekend brunch is extremely disappointing. The food and the service are both poor – if I didn’t have to pay for it (instead of paying 30CHF), I would stil avoid it. Yes, nice place to sit – and I could consider trying the lunch, I’d like to find a way of making going there work!

    • Dear Geneva says:

      Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for your feedback, it is a shame you didn’t have a nice experience at Ô Calme. As you said it is a lovely place to sit, and the times I have had lunch there it has been really good (it is also much quieter then the weekends and the brunch service so maybe the staff are more relaxed).

      I hope if you go back you have a better experience, but thank you for sharing and for reading Dear Geneva… Hope you find it useful.

      • cathyc says:

        I am certainly going to try some of your suggestions. Unfortunately I’m from Australia and that means I’m totally spoiled by being used to fantastic eating out which is good value as well. I keep trying to bear that in mind when not agreeing with the experiences of others here. Pardon my sounding chauvinistic!

      • Dear Geneva says:

        I’m from Australia as well… I do understand, Geneva prices can sometimes hurt, but there are a lot of fantastic places around, it’s just very different to back home… Which can be really nice.

        If you are looking for a great coffee (they serve flat whites and Vegemite toast on Australia Day) check out Boreal… They are mentioned in our coffee guide… Otherwise we only share places we really like, hidden gems we find special, so hopefully you will find a new favourite amongst some of our posts.

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