Don’t look… We’re changing!

There comes a time in everyone’s life where a change is in order, where you have the burning urge to shake things up and try something new… Maybe it’s a milestone birthday crisis, maybe it’s post work meltdown or maybe there is no real reason other then the sudden desire to pack up everything, book a one way flight and move to Switzerland… but what ever the reason change can be good and you know what they say… Change is as good as a holiday.

We at Dear Geneva, craved change, short of packing up everything and jumping the boarder to Lichtenstein we decided to re-vamp the blog and try something new.

We hope you like the new layout and design and enjoy the next series of posts coming your way.

From Dear Geneva

One Response to “Don’t look… We’re changing!”
  1. Ingeneve says:

    Looking forward to the changes (not that it’s needed). Love that I have a super helpful Geneva blog to check regularly.

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