What’s happening… This weekend (18th May – 20th May)

A little list of things happening this weekend in and around Geneva. Have an event you would like to share/something we missed? Please feel free to post details in the comments below.

– Missed the Cave Ouvert last weekend?? Never fear, this weekend the wineries of Valais open their doors (Les Vins du Valais), if you love wine, this is your chance to sample some of Switzerlands best… Just a little heads up next weekend in the Cave Ouvert in Vaud!!

Mapping Festival!! If the final days are anything like the first, this is not to be missed! Check out the website for all the event details.

– Any “raging hardcore punk” fans?? Swiss punk band Elisabeth are having their release show at La Gravière… Check out the event details for more information.

– Electrodark Party LXXIII at Le Kab de L’Usine

La Ville est a Vous is on again this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in the Grottes

– Les Vins du Valais continues…

– More Mapping Festival – Plenty of great Saturday night options…

– The Excitements (Spain, Soul Rythm’N’Blues), The Buttshakers (France, Greasy Rythm’N’Soul) and the Southwest Rebels (Geneva, DJ Set) live at Usine PTR 

– UEFA Champions League Final… Ok, this isn’t physically happening in Geneva, but i’m sure it will bring a lot of places to a stand still. I have no doubt the atmosphere will be great, so find somewhere comfortable grab a prime seat (maybe… who am I kidding definitely a beer/bottle of wine) and enjoy the game…

– Servette FC vs FC Basel at Stade de Genève… Now is a really important time to get behind Servette FC!! I’m guessing this is going to be a big game, so if you haven’t been to a game yet, this might be a nice introduction.

La Ville est a Vous continues this weekend in Grottes

– More Mapping Festival

– Boat parade on the lake… Keep an eye out for the beautiful “Belle Epoque” boats on the lake. The main celebration will take place in Morges, but a couple of the boats will be making stops in Geneva. Click here for more information.

– International Museum Day! Some of Geneva’s best museums will be offering free entry to celebrate, more details here.

– Vanvouver Punk Rock band D.O.A at Le Kab de L’Usine

– Stuck for things to do? Don’t forget our Sunday Survival Guide, a growing list of Sunday suggestions.


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