Best of… Geneva Summer (Part 3)

Following on from Part 1 and Part 2

6) Markets 

We have posted before, here, with details about the flea markets (Wednesday and Saturday in PlainPalais), but there is a fabulous array of markets around the city during summer.

There is an extensive list here and here, some of the info needs a little update, but the general details are there.

But from our personal market experience… this is what we recommend!

Food Markets… Things to try

It’s impossible to walk through the markets and not be intoxicated by the smells and sights, the olives, fresh bread and chickens roasting, I warn you it is dangerous on an empty stomach. There are a few stalls I make a bee line for each week, these are below, otherwise I simply wander, take in the sights and smells and grab something that takes my fancy. Here are some of our favourites.

  • La Galette de la Paix… My weekend falafel fix. Ozi and Raya set up every weekend (Saturdays in Carouge until 14h and Sundays in PlainPalais) providing market goers with what I believe to be the best falafels.
  • Delicious fresh bread – Most Sundays we head to the markets nice and early to grab our Sunday brunch supplies, first stop… The bread man. My personal favourite is the Gentleman who sets up on the roadside and has a delicious array of olive, olive and chorizo and noisette breads.
  •  Create your own brunch – It’s a regular sight (particularly at the wine stall) to see people sitting enjoying a glass of wine and their market purchases. So why not grab some cheese from one stall, some meat from another and a bottle of wine and take a seat somewhere near by in the sun. It’s a blissful way to spend a summer Sunday and a great way to find your own favourite market stalls.

Flea Markets

A truly eclectic market filled with almost anything you could imagine, old watch pieces, furniture, fashion, books, vintage treasures, jewellery and awful lot of junk. Sometimes you do have to rummage through the junk available at some stores, but then there are some stalls filled with the most amazing pieces, it’s a bit of hit and miss, but that’s what makes it fun. I have picked up some great things at the markets, including my pink bike, a vintage Valentino skirt, silver candelabras… more then I dare to admit. It’s not for everyone, but the atmosphere in the markets and the local characters is certainly something most will enjoy.


For lovers of books (English books avaliable), get excited. There are plenty of markets and market stalls selling only books. The Flea Markets in PlainPalais have stalls dedicated to books and if you are happy to sort through the market, you will find plenty of books hidden amongst the other treasures. There is also a market dedicated solely to books in Place de la Fusterie every Friday (see links above for all the market details).

7) Music and Festivals

For me nothing screams summer more then outdoor festivals, festivals of all kind, any excuse to enjoy the glorious weather and bring the community together. Each year, Geneva plays host to a huge amount of festivals around the city, everything from Lake Parade (not my favourite event, but certainly worth a look),  free music concerts in the park, Fête de la Musique and heaps heaps more… Here is a little list of the things we enjoyed over the last summer (this is by no means everything, but keep an eye on our Facebook page and we will try to keep you up to date with other things we find).

Fête de la Musique – 22nd – 24th June 2012 – A fabulous festival celebrating all things music, enjoy concerts in the parks, music by the lake, the whole city comes alive with the sound of music (very original). Keep an eye on the website for the 2012 timetable.

Paleo – 17th – 22nd July 2012

A huge music festival held each year in Nyon, 6 day and 6 nights of music! The line up is always fabulous (last year the line up consisted of, The Strokes, The Chemical Brothers, Portishead, Beirut, Angus and Julia Stone, PJ Harvey, Afrocubism and so many more). It doesn’t start until later in the afternoon, so you can always get straight on the train after work and head in. Keep an eye on their website for ticket sale dates and line up announcements.

Musiques en été festival – Free concerts in the park!! Each year the Ella Fitzgerald Stage in Parc La Grange pays host to a series of free concerts. We are still waiting for the 2012 details, but keep an eye on the website or our Facebook for more information.

Electron – 5th – 8th April 2012 – A cultural festival consisting of dance, music, art, film and workshops around the city. Check out the website for all the details.

La Ville est a Vous – A series of commune parties held throughout the Summer, with food, drinks, music and other celebrations and a fabulous way to meet other people living in your community. I am yet to find the program for 2012 (it will be released later in April), but here are some of last years details to give you a better idea. Once we find this years details we will put them up on our Facebook Page.

Fêtes de Genève – 19th July – 12th August

One of the longest (and biggest) celebrations in Geneva, each year the lake comes alive with music, rides, entertainment and ends with what I believe to be the most impressive fireworks display I have ever seen. Check out the website for all the details and timetable for this years event… This year the fireworks will be held on the 11th August from about 22h. I’m excited already!

Les Caves Ouvert – 26th – 27th May 2012 – Wine lovers rejoice, Les Caves Ouvert is a weekend where most of the local wineries throw open their doors and showcase their wine making talents, enjoy a glass (or 10) and see what the wine region has on offer.

This is by no means everything, there is just so much happening in the Summer, but these posts will give you some ideas. Hope you liked our Best of Summer posts, it was great fun making them and wonderful to relive the amazing experiences we have had in Geneva to date and to get excited about all the fun that awaits us this Summer.

The summer theme will continue for a little while longer with some more suggestions coming next week. Enjoy your weekend. From Tara and Anahita (Dear Geneva)

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