Best of… Geneva Summer (Part 2)

Following on from Part 1

3) Outdoor Bars

Nothing says summer more then soaking up the afternoon sun, wine/beer in hand, sitting and enjoying the outdoors. Geneva does this really well, with it’s spectacular surrounds and most bars setting up large outdoor areas there is plenty to choose from. Here are just a few of our favourites, some open just for the summer, others are all year round favourites but these are our regular summer haunts.

1)   La Barje – Dear Geneva favourite! Direct afternoon sun, always entertaining and drinks served out of a caravan, what more could you need… how about hanging your feet in the Rhone whilst sipping an ice cold beer? This bar has all that and more. Only poping into position during summer, this funky caravan is the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

2)   Bains des Paquis – Previously mentioned here as a fabulous winter activity, Bains des Paquis, takes on a whole different life in the Summer. Jump straight into the lake, enjoy priceless views and soak up the sun. A fabulous place to sit, swim and enjoy the surrounds.

3)   La Clémence – In the heart of the old town, during the summer Place du Bourg-de-Four is littered with tables, chairs and colourful umbrellas. Hugely popular all year round,  but for me, its one of my favourite summer spots (seats can be difficult to find due to it’s huge popularity)

4)   La Terrasse and the other bars scattered around the lake – Massively popular for post work/weekend drinks, La Terrasse, takes prime location on the lake serving drinks to huge crowds each night. Find a grassy spot near the bar, sit and relax. There are quite a few bars popping up around the lake during the summer, bars on boats, bars in the park, people in boats simply happy to share a beer, so keep an eye out for those also.

5)   Café Delux – Roof top bar at Uni Dufour – Each year for a short time, Café Delux build a bar on top of the University building in Place Neuve. Personally, the thing I enjoy the most is the view, there is something about a sea of roof-tops and a view of the Old Town. Hosting a series of dance parties throughout the summer, be sure to pop up for either a party or just a drink.

6)   La Petite Reine – A great bar just behind Gare Cornavin (with a giant penny-farthing on the wall). Super popular in the summer (a majority of the bar is an outside standing area), plays host to a series of great live music acts all Summer. Be sure to add them on Facebook to keep up to date with the live music agenda.

4) CinéTransat – Free Open Air Cinema

Yes, you did read correctly, CinéTransat, is a FREE outdoor cinema set up each year in Perle du Lac. Come and enjoy an eclectic mix of movies (anything from classics, comedy and new-ish releases) whilst taking in the stunning surrounds of Lac Leman. Last year, we regularly packed a picnic and enjoyed the afternoon sun before the movie starts (around sunset). The movie timetable is released online so be sure to check out the CinéTransat Facebook page and website to keep up to date with all the latest news.

5) Hiking the Salève.

We are so lucky to have such stunning surrounds, and it becomes all the more clear how beautiful the region is from the top of the Salève. There are few ways to get to the top, but I have to admit my favorite is to hike (however I normally start complaining by about half way, but once you get a glimpse of the view, its more then worth it). It takes about 2 and a half hours (depending on fitness) and the view from the top is stunning. Once again, pack a picnic and go (there is a restaurant at the top, and a small shop to purchase basic snacks and drinks), then you can either take the Téléphérique back down, or walk. If you choose to walk the Salève, be aware for some parts of the hike you will share the path with mountain bike riders, so just keep an eye out.

Once at the top, take in the view at either Horizon Restaurant, or enjoy a picnic on the grassy spot overlooking all of Geneva. Check out the Salève website for up to date information and more details.

How to get there…

The téléphérique departs from just across the boader, if going by public transport take Bus 8 and get off at Veyrier-Douane, it is a short walk (across the Swiss/French boarder) to the base of the mountain, walking paths are marked, but ask at the information office for more details, more details here.

Click here for previous Dear Geneva Hiking adventures.

Stay tuned for more Best of Summer posts… All this Summer talk is getting me excited!

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