Chez Quartier

We fell instantly in love with Chez Quartier, as soon as we entered we knew we had stumbled across our new favourite. This quaint, eclectic, cozy café is the perfect remedy to winters cold days, cozy corners, bright walls (and roof), and delicious treats.

I can honestly say, in my opinion this little café has it all. The décor is spectacular; you can spend hours taking in all the beautiful details from the carousel booth, to the carved timber detailing, the chandeliers and the huge collection of antique trinkets lining the roof. The food is delicious mind you the choice is overwhelming (it took me 10 minutes to make up my mind), great coffee and the staff are lovely.

I am already excited about my next visit to Chez Quartier, it was already planned in great detail before we had even finished our first visit, it’s the sort of place you never want to leave and when you do, you can’t wait to go back.

Chez Quartier operates an honesty system, there is a huge selection of delicious treats displayed on the window, simply take what you desire, sit and enjoy then tell the staff what you had when paying the bill, a system based on trust.

I could go on all day about why I love Chez Quartier, for me, I have found the little place I was looking for, the café where I feel at home, the space where I can relax, take in my beautiful surroundings and think of more reasons why I am so lucky to be living in such a magical city.

Address: Rue Voltaire, 24
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday – 07h00 – 19hoo

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