La Cantinella

One of my goals for the New Year was to make my way through the massive list of places I have been meaning to go to in Geneva. Finally I can tick La Cantinella off the list. The amount of times I have said “I must go there, it looks awesome” is embarrassing, so last week I made a bee line for La Cantinella and I am so happy I did!

Tucked away in the old town, you can’t help but notice La Cantinella when you wander past, a quaint epicerie filled with delicious meats, breads, fresh food and a huge selection of wine. We went with the intention of having a quick afternoon wine, but simply couldn’t resist their extensive menu of fresh foccacia, antipasto and other Italian delights. Quite a while later (and quite a few glasses of wine later) we left fed, very happy and with a shop full of new friends. The staff are amazing, and are more then happy to guide you through their wine selection and extensive menu.

The décor is what originally won me over, warm and inviting, we pulled up a chair and sat surrounded by fresh bread, hanging meats and wine. There is a small deli filled with delicious lunch ideas, fresh bread and antipasto (eat in or takeaway).

We had a glorious afternoon at La Cantinella, nestled in the streets of the Old Town, enjoying delicious wine, scrumptious food and great company.

Address: Rue de la Tour de Boel, 2
Telephone: +41 22 301 90 90
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday – 09h30 – 19h30 / Saturday – 11h00 – 18h00


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