Cottage Café

When I first stumbled across the Cottage Café, I knew instantly it would become a favourite. The décor is cosy and comfortable, you sit surrounded by books, games, globes and teapots. Their menu selection is overwhelming… Too many amazing choices.

Their breakfast options are fresh and delicious including Bircher Muesli and fresh bread served with an amazing spread of jams. There is a fabulous selection for lunch and pastries for anyone looking for a sugar fix, and they have a delectable (and huge) selection of tapas and mezzes available from 18h.

Nestled between the Hotel de la Paix and the Beau Rivage (behind the Brunswick Monument), you can’t help but be drawn to the Cottage Café. What more can I say other then it is just gorgeous and easily one of my favourite destinations.

Address: Adhémar-Fabri, 7 (Behind the Brunswick Monument)
Telephone: +41 22 731 60 16
Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday 7h15 – 22h / Thursday – Friday 7h15 – 24h / Saturday 10h – 24h / Sunday Closed.

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One Response to “Cottage Café”
  1. cathyc says:

    The Bircher IS fabulous, in fact I had to take pictures of it for my blog. And by local standards, the tea is served properly. I would prefer a pot, but they serve leaf tea in a nice mug with milk which I think is fresh. I find it incredible that in a country populated mostly by cows most places serve UHT milk – and they don’t even seem to understand that this is not fresh milk. This applies even to nice trendy ‘bio’ sorts of places that look like they care. It’s all very odd.

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