Remor is fast becoming my favourite place to just sit, have a drink and watch the world and being situated on a busy street, it is the perfect place for people watching.

In the summer the sidewalk is littered with seats but in the winter the warm glow of gold and timber chairs calls you inside for a hot chocolate… On that topic, I must say Remor makes one of the best hot chocolates I have had to date and they are served in beautiful silver and glass cups.

Remor has been previously mentioned on the blog (here) regarding their burger selection. The burgers at Remor are delicious, but if you are in the mood for something lighter they have a massive menu that will cater for everyone.

Short of babbling on about bygone eras, times of elegance and the things I love about Remor, I figured I would keep it short and put it in a list.

Why I love going to Remor;

  • Their hot chocolate is divine
  • The little details; the beautiful cups, the lights, newspapers on reading stands
  • The food is great, their burgers are fabulous, the lunch menu simple and delicious and their deserts are delightfully rich
  • Their great tea selection (fresh mint tea served with mint leaves is my favourite)
  • Their fresh juice cocktails in summer

Address: Place du Cirque, 3
Telephone: 022 328 12 70
Opening hours: Open every day

3 Responses to “Remor”
  1. cathyc says:

    I would have to take issue. Remor’s hamburgers are okay, and sometimes their dish of the day is as well. But their quiche sort of fare is microwaved soggy with poor ingredients. A cup of tea is a poor quality teabag in a glass with that pretend milk that comes in a plastic container. This is not exceptional for Geneva, but a typical way to be served tea and it is BAD!!! The glass is a cute glass, but that does not make up for the fact that it is not served as tea should be.

    Making tea well is not rocket science. I’m gobsmacked at how many bad ways this town have found to serve it.

    • Dear Geneva says:

      Hi Cathy,

      Thanks again for your comment, you raise a great point!! Tea drinkers can find it really tough here… I’m not a traditional tea drinker myself, but I am more then happy to throw it to the Dear Geneva readers to see if they have any hot spots they can recommend. It is a common complaint, so I will ask the Dear Geneva readers for you.

      Be in touch again soon.

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