Café Marius

Most of my afternoons post work are spent walking to reduce cabin fever then seeking escape from the cold in the warmth of a bar for a quick drink.

Recommended to me by many, Café Marius is located in a former “boucherie”, and is now home to a huge selection of wine and delicious tapas. The menus are overflowing with amazing options and it is all too easy to get overwhelmed with choice (the staff are always happy to offer suggestions).

The atmosphere is what won me over, the staff are welcoming and once seated you find your self nestled amongst an eclectic mix of paintings, fresh produce and local characters, you feel instantly comfortable and relaxed.

Café Marius instantly became a personal favourite, it’s relaxed atmosphere and fabulous staff topped with an overwhelmingly superb wine selection and menu makes Café Marius an easy choice for post work drinks! Please note: Café Marius is cash only.

Address: Place des Augustins, 9
Telephone: 022 320 62 39
Opening hours: Mon – Fri – 17h30 – 01h30
Website: Check out their facebook page.

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