20G Vins Natures et Rares

In recent weeks I have been indulging in wine, with access to such variety it is hard not to. In a bid to increase my wine knowledge (it is on my bucket list to complete an extensive wine course) I have been investigating wine tasting and have been experimenting with different blends and regions.

Wine tasting can be difficult, there is a fine line between information overload and enough information to increase ones understanding, develop a novice palette and impress your friends with your wine knowledge. Recently I attended a Saturday wine tasting session with Gilles and Christophe at 20G in Carouge, a fabulous wine shop in Carouge specialising in “vins natures”, “grand vins” and rare wines. A group of friends and I set off for an afternoon of wine tasting, but what we got was an afternoon of fabulous company, delicious wines and a palette for “vins nature” (and a lot useful knowledge).

Saturdays at 20G are an amazing experience, not your traditional sit down wine tasting, this relaxed affair is a fabulous way to enjoy some beautiful wines amongst friends new and old. Gilles and Christophe are extremely knowledgeable and are more then happy to share their knowledge and passion (and a glass of wine) with you.

The Saturday concept is simple, choose a bottle of wine (they do not sell by the glass), Gilles or Christophe will guide you should you need some help, they will explain the history and the reasoning behind Vin Nature (these are natural wines with no additives, sulphates or any hidden nasties, just natural delicious wines). You can stay, grab a glass, open your bottle and share, not a formal tasting as such, when we were there we simply opened our chosen bottle and shared it with those in the store, this allows you try the different varieties open at that time and experience the different flavours.

20G also offers wine tasting by reservation and can tailor make your lesson based on your tastes and wine knowledge and with a huge selection of natural, traditional and rare wines you will certainly be able to create a personal wine tasting session to suit everyone.

20G hand select each wine, sharing with you only the best. With the vast selection available it is easy to find a wine to your taste, preference and budget. Not just specialising in Vin Natures, 20G also has an amazing selection of “Grand Vins” and rare wines, so regardless of your wine knowledge and palette (novice or “wine expert”) you will easily find something to suit.

Next time you are looking for a bottle of wine, be it a bottle to have over dinner or a special bottle for a special occasion, head to 20G, they have everything you need and more… Don’t forget to mention Dear Geneva when you go.

Address: Rue Roi-Victor-Amé, Carouge
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 10h – 19h (can be open later for wine tasting by reservation)
Telephone: +41 (0) 78 633 29 25
Website: www.20G.ch and www.cave-privee-vin-bio-naturel.ch
To keep up to date with the latest wines, events and specials add Gilles Duvinature on facebook.

If you are interested in arranging group wine tasting sessions please contact Dear Geneva using the form below.

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Interested in arranging a Wine Tasting evening?

Contact us for more information.


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