Adventures on my Jopo

I am well aware this may make me appear slightly mad, but I have been known to name unanimous items, for example; there was Audrey, my first car, then Hugo and there was Agness my pink bike in Australia and then there was Penelope, my pink bike here (may she recover well from her altercation with the car) and now I would like to introduce Henri, my shiny new set of wheels.

One thing I recall when I first arrived in Geneva, was my desire for a bike, to ride around the lake wind in my hair, adventure to places unknown, but considering my French back then was rather non-existent and my finances were, well not so great either my googling efforts for “second hand cheap (dare I use that word in Geneva) bikes” returned very little.

You can imagine my concern when my old set of wheels was found lying in a gutter after a run in with a car… But thanks to mildly better French and the fabulous guys at The Square, I stumbled upon the Urban Bike Store and voila, my new red Jopo.

Constantly battling with the bike and skirt dilemma with my previous ride, I was delighted to find the problem solved with my Jopo, seeing as you are riding in an “up right” position these awkward moments are no longer a concern… my biggest concern is actually getting to use my bike, as my boyfriend has now claimed it as his own (my fault for getting red instead of a white one with a nice girly basket… but you know what they say “red goes faster”), but please note our newest addition, a fabulous black Jopo.

I have also been known to do a lot of research prior to making any serious investments and seeing I was looking for a long term bike (as opposed to a fair weather one) it needed to be perfect. Practical but cute, strong and reliable but not heavy (as I couldn’t lift my old one into and out of our bike store) and it had to be the right colour. The colour thing was not an issue, Jopo have super cute (and masculine) colours available, they are made in Finland so craftsmanship was no longer a concern and I could carry it easily, plus they have some fabulous bike accessories available to “personalise your ride”, my next purchase will be the Dringdring ladybug bell and the Design House Stockholm Carrie basket in black.

My excitement over my new bike is turning into an essay, but what I am trying to say is, if you need a new bike or just simply want one, see more at, contact Riikka and take one for a spin, I have no doubt you will love it as much as me.

Keep up to date with with all the latest products and specials…  “Like” the Urban Bike Store on Facebook.

** For more information on where my adventures took me, stay tuned… I am putting together a list of my favourite bike tours and scenic routes, plus my self guided wine tour/tasting of Geneva is coming soon.

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