Smell is one of the most powerful senses, it can take you back to a moment in time, bring old memories to mind, remind you of a special person and stir up emotions and feelings so strong they almost over come you.

Perfumes are personal; they reflect your personality, your experiences and smell different on everyone.

During the launch of Le Bal des Créateurs I had one of the aforementioned
moments, a moment where a smell took me back to my home, sitting by the garden and the scent responsible was the beautiful Souffle Sauvage from Bissoumine.

Created using the best quality supplies, these unique scents are truly exquisite and are guaranteed to not be tested on animals. Bissoumine perfumes are created in a small laboratory in France where the two creators and perfumers have complete control over the process and ingredients used, ensuring the highest quality.

The packaging has been chosen in the same spirit created by a talented designer,  who has created a unique water-colour, a personal emblem for each perfume.

It is truly hard to do these scents justice, to see and smell for yourself, please head to Le Bal des Créateurs for the full range of perfumes.

Please have a look at the Bissoumine website for all their products (their silk scarves are tremendously covetable) and more information.


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