Casa Mozzarella

One of the many benefits of living in Switzerland is the access to amazing cheese, whether it be the mild, buttery taste of Emmental or the melt-in-your mouth deliciousness that is the local Tomme Vaudoise, cheese is everywhere and consumed heavily (with an average of over 21kg consumed annually per inhabitant) and according to Swissmilk, what was the most commonly consumed cheese in Switzerland?… Mozzarella.

Recently whilst walking through the streets near Plain Palais on a weekend stroll, I stumbled upon what appeared to be a small street party. Being curious  (and they say curiosity killed the cat, in this case it killed any attempts of a diet) I had to check it out, what I found was far better then anything I could have expected… Casa Mozzarella.

A dream to lovers of mozzarella and Italian cheese, a shop where the passion simply spills out of the shop onto the street and straight to your plate (I must say the mozzarella from Casa Mozzarella is like nothing I have tasted before).  The amazing staff at Casa Mozzarella are more then happy to share the passion of making mozzarella (and enjoying it) and next to their shop there is the kitchen, where you can watch the magic unfold and see the products being made fresh for the day.

Is there anything better then delicious, fresh mozzarella served simply with rocket and a balsamic glaze?… Please go, treat yourself to the amazing flavours of Casa Mozzarella… you will not regret it!

Address: Rue Dizerens, 1
Telephone: 022 320 79 41
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 10h – 18h30 (you can however watch the cheese being made from about 8h)
Website: and don’t forget to “Like” them on Facebook


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