Best of… Burgers

We admit we are no experts when it comes to food reviews and during our research we started to think we bit off more than we could chew…(Yes, we did just use that pun). We stumbled across various scientific breakdowns regarding what constitutes a good burger; meat to bread ratio, the toppings, the sear of the pattie, constitution of the pattie including the grind of the meat and the list goes on.

We don’t intend to be that scientific, we will just tell you where we have been and why it was good… and of course a price guide. So here it is… The best of Burgers!

** Please note: These are just our opinions from our experiences, please feel free to share your burger experiences or suggestions in the comments below.

Inglewood (Dine in and Take Away)- A Dear Geneva Favourite

I love everything about Inglewood, the burgers are amazing, the chips (in my opinion) are the best, the staff and décor are fabulous (there is some great artwork on the walls) and with their large and varied burger menu (including vegetarian and student menus) you will find something for everyone (be sure to like them on Facebook to keep up to date with their delicious seasonal burgers). Using only the best locally sourced ingredients, each time I have been (which is not as often as I would like due to the fact the word is out about how good the burgers are and it can get super busy) I am thoroughly impressed and already planning my next visit.

But never fear, if you can’t get a seat, Inglewood do take-away! So if you need/want a burger to go, Inglewood is your first choice!

If you haven’t already tried Inglewood, I suggest you do!

Address: Blvd du Pont-d’Arve, 44 (near Uni Mail, Plainpalais)
Telephone: 022 320 3866
Opening hours:  Monday – Saturday – 11h30 – 14h30 and 19h – 22h
Website: Make sure you “like” their Facebook page – click here
Price Range: From 15CHF – 22CHF for burger, chips and salad.

Blaqk (Delivery)– A Dear Geneva Favourite

If you are looking for delicious burger and are either a) too cold to leave your house b) too hung-over to leave your house or c) have another equally good reason for not wanting to leave your house then Blaqk is your newest food friend. Why? They do delivery!! That’s right

Following our previous “Best of Burger” post we received many reader recommendations regarding Blaqk, so we simply had to try it for ourselves. Unaware of what to expect we wandered into Blaqk for a dinner time burger and I have to admit we were a little surprised. The décor is more conducive to “Take-Away”  and at our time of arrival we were unsure as to whether they were even open. After a while and what felt like 50 people dressed in jackets and helmets running in and out of the restaurant I finally realized what was going on… Burger delivery.

You are more then welcome to dine in at dinner time (but I won’t dine-in at Blaqk for dinner again), the staff are lovely, but just know there is a flurry of activity happening with scooter delivery drivers running around to keep up with the huge number of delivery requests. Blaqk  is more of a “lunch time” eat in destination or a dinner delivery then a sit down dine in dinner establishment.

This doesn’t take away from the fact, the burgers at Blaqk are delicious and definitely a Dear Geneva favourite. Keeping all things fair we ordered the Bacon and Cheese Burger and a Mega Burger (for size comparison) both with a side of chips (have to order chips separately). Both burgers were fabulous, in our opinion, the pattie was perfectly cooked and the flavours were delicious and with out a doubt we will be dialing in the future for home delivery.

Address: Rue Voltaire, 22
Telephone: 022 300 6000
Opening hours: Monday – Friday – 09h – 14h then 18h – 23h Saturday – Sunday – 11h – 23h
Price Range: Around 16CHF for a burger, chips are around 5CHF.

Café Le Calamar (Dine in and OPEN SUNDAYS!!!) 

King Kong Burger

Le Calamar has become a little Dear Geneva Sunday (that’s right… it’s open Sundays) ritual, and one of our favourite burger haunts, there’s nothing better a post big night Le Calamar burger recovery session. I am yet to go past the cheese and bacon burger, which is easily my favourite combination, plus I have no idea what sauce they use on their burgers, but it is delicious.

If you go to Le Calamar for a burger, I have no doubt you will not be disappointed (the burgers are fabulous and big), we can’t go past the cheese and bacon burger, but if you prefer a burger challenge, try tackling the King Kong burger (above).

Address: Boulevard Carl Vogt, 92
Telephone: 022 321 62 77
Opening Hours: Every day
Price Range: Around 16CHF for the cheese and bacon burger (all burgers come with chips and a salad)

Holy Cow (Dine in or Take Away)

Holy Cow has been the cause of some divided discussions in the Dear Geneva camp. I believe this one will come down to personal preferences regarding your burger selection. For me personally, Holy Cow isn’t my go to burger destination, it’s not my first choice (I would head to Inglewood or Le Calamar), and to be honest, I was a little disappointed when I finally went myself, but on the other hand, the other half of Dear Geneva, loves Holy Cow, as do most of our friends, they were really impressed. So, we are divided here at Dear Geneva, one likes, the other is not so impressed, but we do both agree on the fact Holy Cow does do a good burger (but it’s not my personal favourite), the service is super fast and we love the fact they use locally sourced ingredients (all the food and drinks are provided by local Suisse providers and suppliers). I think you will have to try for yourself and we would love to hear what you think.

Address: Rue de Carouge, 14
Opening Hours: Monday – Wednesday – 11h00 – 22h00 / Thursday – Saturday – 11h00 – 23h00
Website: and Facebook
Price Range: Most burger menus (burger, drinks and chips) are about 19CHF

Remor (Dine in) – A spin on the “traditional” burger

Following a large-ish night at Nuit des Bains we decided to make a little pit-stop at Remor, and we’re glad we did. Seeing as it was for “research purposes” we ordered a late night burger.

The burgers at Remor are not filled with your traditional burger toppings, there is no bacon in sight, but you will not be disappointed with the flavours of grilled peppers and meat lightly seasoned with a delicious relish. Served with a small salad and roast potatos, this twist on your traditional burger certainly has us going back for more.

Address: Place du Cirque, 3
Telephone: 022 328 12 70
Opening hours: Open every day
Price Range: Around 18CHF for a burger.

Noteworthy mentions

Demi Lune – If you are in and around the Old Town and craving a burger then head to Demi Lune, serving good traditional burgers and chips.

The Clubhouse – The first choice if you are looking for a place were live sport and burgers are combined into a delicious package, the burgers are good and the atmosphere is electric during the big games. More of a pub style dining experience and outside of the sport/burger equation it wouldn’t be a Dear Geneva first choice (we prefer a quieter atmosphere without too much yelling), it is however a great place to go with friends, watch some football and enjoy a burger.

Lady Godiva – Another establishment were the sport/burger thing is done quite well, if you are on the Godiva side of town, then it is defiantly a great place to be, but if you are stuck somewhere in the middle between Godiva and Clubhouse then I would make the trek up to the Clubhouse, both the buns and atmosphere are better. If you are wanting a burger sans sport then there are much better burger joints close by (Le Calamar) I would go to first.

Roadrunner – Recommended by many as the best in Geneva, I have to say I was rather disappointed with Roadrunner. The prices were high and the servings rather small. You do however have access to a small “salad bar” with onion, tomato, lettuce and pickles to help bulk up your burger. Whilst the flavours were good, I wouldn’t travel there especially.

Not quite Geneva but we wanted to share…

Sent to us by a Dear Geneva reader, the burger at Jiva Hill was… well a little over the top. Introducing the Foie Gras Burger…

Whilst the atmosphere was lovely, surrounded by the beautiful mountains and an immaculately maintained golf course, the price was a little on the expensive side (28 Euro). Not too sure if the burger is worth the 28 Euro, albeit tasty I think we might be happy to stick to one of our local delights.

* The “best of” posts will always be a work in progress, with new and fabulous places opening and favourites closing we will endeavour to keep these posts up to date and relevant. Any suggestions or recommendations please feel free to contact us.

6 Responses to “Best of… Burgers”
  1. Lucy says:

    Check out the burgers at Charly O’Neills Irish Pub, 18 Rue du Hoffman, 1202. They are delicious and the Scooby Snack is quite the feast!!

  2. Neil says:

    where do u rate holy cow?

    • deargeneva says:

      Ah, Holy Cow has divided us (we will update the post soon with all the details). Whilst for me, it is good, it is by no means my favourite. The selection is fantastic, and they will create your burger at record speed (so for takeaway burgers in the sun, they are perfect), but for me if I was to eat in, I would choose Inglewood or Le Calamar over Holy Cow… But don’t get me wrong, they do a good burger (more of a fast food style then gourmet), all their products are Swiss (which I think is great, it’s nice to support local) and their chips are delicious. A bit of a long winded answer, have you been yet? What was your opinion?

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