Sunday adventures

Just when we thought the summer was over, we were blessed with a truly beautiful weekend and what better way to enjoy the last of the sunny weather then to explore the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

On Sunday we decided to set off into the forest near Jonction. We followed the river to the bus depot and set of into the forest, stumbled across La Tour, had a beer and made friends with the resident pug.

If you are looking for a beautiful nature walk, we can recommend heading in and around Jonction, follow the River Rhône to the end and see where the Rhône meets L’Arve, it is truly a beautiful site (for those not familiar, the Rhône is a vibrant blue, and L’Arve is filled with sediment, check out the picture below it gives you an idea of what it looks like).

Image fromône_and_Arve_Junction.jpg

Where the Rhône meets the Arve

Here are just a few snapshots of our Sunday adventure.

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Dear Geneva would like to apologise for the break in posts, we have been hard at work on some new guides for you (and it has been a little mad with one half of Dear Geneva starting University and the other half with family from Australia). Our first guide is almost ready, so check the blog later this week for our “Best of Geneva – Burger Guide”.

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