Le Mosaïque

If you are looking for a fun and social dinner destination or something a little different to your everyday restaurant, look no further then Le Mosaïque, a delicious Eritrean restaurant in Les Pâquis.

For those not familiar with Eritrean dining let us fill you in a little. This is where the fun, social aspect comes in to play. All dishes are shared, so should you order a dish each between two, it will come on one large plate. There is no cutlery, the meals are all served with a yummy crepe that you use to eat your chosen dish with… so yes, you eat with your hands, we told you it was fun.

Chose from one of three dishes, two meat and one vegetarian (ranging in price from 16chf – 19chf) and away you go. The food here is fantastic and the staff are lovely, but please be mindful that there is normally only one gentleman manning the floor, so things can sometimes be a little slow, but be patient, it is worth the wait.

Remember: Le Mosaïque only take cash so make sure to stop by the bank on the way.

Address: Rue du Môle, 31

Telephone: +41 227 316 058

Opening hours: 18h – 23h30


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