Sunday adventures

Whilst geographically our Sunday adventure wasn’t in Geneva, it is a direct result of living in a city surround by such beauty.

What better way to spend a glorious Sunday then hiking to the top of one of the many mountains that surround us.

Last Sunday we set off and headed towards Le Môle, the pointy mountain visible from Perle du Lac (which one? They are all pointy… See the picture for the exact details; directions have never been our strong point). There is nothing better then fresh clean mountain air and fabulous company, whilst our original plan of meeting at the base of Le Môle didn’t exactly go to plan it was still a spectacular day and the view from the top was breath-taking. On a clear day you have views to Mont Blanc on one side and the whole of Geneva on the other, and let us say, Geneva is stunning from up high.

This is just another reason why we love Geneva.

Where we went:

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