All images from Yourgerteria Facebook page.

Finally our search is over!

Let us take you back one year… Having just spent another glorious Geneva summer day down by the lake, our thoughts suddenly went to food “you know the one thing I have really missed since arriving in Geneva? Frozen Yoghurt, but good frozen yoghurt where you mix in the fruit”. Queue search… After months of searching and a lot of taste testing we have finally found what we can say, with 100% confidence, the best-frozen yoghurt in Geneva… Yourgurteria.

Having frequented our new find more times then we care to admit, Yourgurteria is your one stop yoghurt shop. This is a tailor made yoghurt shop, where you can choose everything from the type of yoghurt (all homemade and made on the premises) to your “add-ins” and toppings.

Yourgurteria not only offers amazing frozen yoghurt, but also has a great selection for breakfast and lunch, including fresh sandwiches and croissants.

We can easily go on about how delicious the yoghurt and food is at Yourgurteria, but the best thing to do is to go and try it for yourself.

Address: Boulevard Carl-Vogt, 34 Geneva

Telephone: +41 022 321 5090

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday  – 8h30 – 19h

Website: and don’t forget to “Like” Yourgurteria on Facebook for all the latest information

Price range: See link for a complete list of all products

All images from Yourgurteria Facebook page


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